WiPal's C++ Library Documentation


WiPal is a piece of software dedicated to IEEE 802.11 traces manipulation. It comes as a set of programs and a C++ library. This text documents the C++ library.

All WiPal programs use this library. At a low level it provides various convenience tools (PCAP file input/output, random access to PCAP traces, support for various static C++ techniques, etc.) At an upper level it provides a generic IEEE 802.11 frame parser that is easy to customize and re-use. Finally, it provides other various mechanisms such as tools to synchronize and merge PCAP traces directly from C++ code.

This documentation in a constant work in progress. That means entire parts of the WiPal library are not documented. Furthermore, as the library evolves concurrently to the documentation effort, some other parts are outdated or not documented enough. Be warned!

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