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 WiPal 5.0 released! 2009-04-22
 WiPal 4.0 released!

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About WiPal

WiPal is a piece of software dedicated to IEEE 802.11 traces manipulation. It comes as a set of programs and a C++ library. A distinctive feature of WiPal is its merging tool, which enables merging multiple wireless traces into a unique global trace. This tool works offline on PCAP traces that do not need to be synchronized. WiPal also provides statistics extraction and anonymization tools, and its authors plan to extend it. WiPal’s key features are flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency.

WiPal is free software (using the GNU GPL). Its maintainer is Thomas Claveirole (mail). It is developped with the help of Marcelo Dias de Amorim.

Should you have any question, look at the Frequently Asked Questions.